Tenant Documentation for 208 Seabank Road

General and Safety Information

208 Seabank Rd consists of 4 apartments.

The Loft, located on the 2nd floor.
The Deck, located on the 1st Floor.
The Den, located on the ground floor.
The Hideaway, located at the rear of the property with its own separate front door and courtyard garden.
2 off Road parking places which are available to rent at £10 each a month.
A Garage which is currently used by the landlord.

Property Ownership

208 Seabank Rd is owned jointly by David and Julie Dean of 18 Jubilee Drive, Wirral CH48 5EF and has no mortgage or other borrowing against it.


The property is insured under a Property Owners Buildings Insurance Policy by NFU Mutual.

This policy does not cover tenants contents. You are responsible for insuring your own contents.


Each apartment has its own gas supply. Tenants are responsible for paying the gas supplier directly. We will advise the current gas supplier at a tenancy commencement date and meter reading at that date. The current gas supplier will write to new tenants to enable them to set up a relationship with them.

Gas meters and shutoff valves for all the apartments are located on the exterior of the building. Each meter box is clearly identified with the apartment name it supplies. A key to gain access to the meter boxes is located above the front door.

You are welcome to change gas supplier in order to get a better deal, we ask that you do not switch to British Gas as we have had a bad experience with them and that you do not request a pre pay meter. If you do change supplier you must inform us who you have switched to and provide details of the contract you have entered into.

Your central heating and cooker are powered by gas.


There is a single electricity supply for the whole building. We have installed individual meters for each apartment which enables us to apportion electricity usage appropriately. We will charge each tenant at the same gross unit rate as we are charged by the electricity supplier. We will also charge each tenant their share of the electricity standing charge.

All light bulbs in the building are LED which have a very low running cost. If you need to replace a bulb, please replace with an LED bulb of the same type and rating.


Each apartment has a cordless telephone handset and charger base.
We allocate each tenant a local phone number which is set to forward to voicemail if the phone is not answered or is engaged. Tenants can change forwarding options by signing in at https://portal.net-telco.net and following the menu to Accounts > VoIP account.
Voicemails are delivered to tenants via email.
Tenants can change the voicemail announcement by calling *1571 from the cordless phone or 03302205050 from any other phone.
Tenants are not charged line or number rental. Outgoing calls are charged at very low rates. See https://www.net-telco.net/prices/
Tenants moving out of the property can keep your number for just £8.50 + VAT a year.

The building extension numbers are:

The Den 301
The Deck 302
The Loft 303
The Hideaway 304
Front Door 305
Landlord 306


The telephone service is provided by Net-Telco https://www.net-telco.net


There is a single water bill for the whole property which we will split proportionately and invoice to tenants on a monthly basis.

The property stop cock is located at ground level to the left (as you look out) of the property main door.

Council Tax

Each apartment receives a council tax bill which the tenant is responsible for.


You can access the internet through a WIFI connection

Network Name Seabank-1 or Seabank-2


Tenants are not charged for internet usage. A fair use policy applies. The use of torrent and similar file sharing software and services on the network is prohibited.

If tenants would like new email address <first name>.<surname>@wirralmail.co.uk these can be arranged this free of charge.

The internet is supplied by Net-Work Internet Ltd http://net-work.net 033 022 022 80


There are 2 CCTV cameras on the outside of the premises. These are there for the protection of tenants, their possessions and the property.

Tenants can access these cameras from an app on a mobile phone or tablet.

Door Entry System

The main building front door has an electronic door entry system which is linked via VoIP to the cordless phones in the apartments.
Callers can contact tenants by dialling their internal number.
Tenants can call the front door by dialling 305 (There is no ring tone calls are immediately connected).
Once tenants are in conversation with the front door they can unlock the front door by dialling **.

If tenants have set their cordless phone to forward to another number e.g. their mobile, they will be able to talk to a caller, and even open the front door from the handset they answered the call on.

Refuse Collection

All 4 apartments share the four refuse bins (2 General Waste, 2 Recycling) located at the front of the property.
Refuse is collected early in the morning on a Friday. Bins must be put on the pavement ready to be emptied. We recommend doing this on a Thursday evening. Recycling and general waste are collected on alternate weeks, details can be found here: https://www.wirral.gov.uk/recycling/detailDru7.asp?s=Seabank+Road&t=New+Brighton

Smoke, Heat and Fire Alarms

All apartments and communal areas have the appropriate heat and smoke alarms fitted. These are all mains powered with a rechargeable battery backup. All smoke and heat alarms within the property are interlinked so if a fire starts in any part of the property all alarms will sound.

There is a Fire Alarm installed in the premises. This is independent of the smoke and heat alarm system. The fire alarm is activated manually from the call points located around the premises.

In Case of Fire

  • If it is safe to do so, attack the fire with the fire extinguisher and blanket. DO NOT TAKE RISKS.
  • IF SOMEONE’S CLOTHES CATCH LIGHT make them roll on the floor to extinguish the flames.
  • If the fire is out of control CLOSE THE DOOR of the room where the fire is to delay the spread of smoke.
  • RAISE THE ALARM at the nearest fire alarm call point.
  • GET EVERYBODY OUT your escape route is through the apartment entrance hall, down the stairs and out of the front door. Your assembly point is on the pavement at the front of the property.


  • If you suspect a fire in another room TEST THE DOOR WITH YOUR HAND FOR HEAT before opening. If the door is hot DO NOT OPEN, stay in the room and call for help. If the door is cool open the door slowly.

If you are cut off by Fire

  • SMOKE KILLS so ensure you close doors to prevent the spread of smoke and block any gaps with wet towels/bedding.
  • RAISE THE ALARM – Call the fire brigade.
  • GO TO THE WINDOW to attract attention and wait for the fire brigade.
  • If smoke enters the room STAY LOW. Smoke rises and must not be inhaled. Cover face with wet towels.


Tenant legal obligations in relation to Health and Safety Regulation pertaining to a Section 257 House of Multiple Occupancy.

  • Keep all communal areas free from obstructions as this is the primary fire escape route. Storage of any item, even for a short space of time, is not allowed in these areas.
  • Conduct themselves in a way that will not hinder or frustrate the owner or the owner’s representative in the performance of their duties with regard to the above regulations.
  • Allow the owner or the owner’s representative access to the apartment at all reasonable times in order to carry out duties imposed on them by these regulations.
  • Provide the owner or the owner’s representative with any information that they request in the performance of their duties with regard to the above regulations.
  • Take reasonable care to avoid causing damage to anything that the owner is under a duty to supply, maintain or repair under the above mentioned regulations.
  • Comply with the reasonable instructions of the owner or the owner’s representative in respect of any means of escape from fire, the prevention of fire and the use of fire equipment.

Rent and other payments to the landlord

The first month’s rent is payable through Openrent. Tenants are billed by the landlord for all future rent, their share of  water charge, electricity they use and their share of the electricity standing charge.

Tenants will be issued with a breakdown of what is due by email on a monthly basis. The tenant agrees to pay the amount due by bank transfer on or before the due date. 

Your Deposit

Tenants deposit, together with the first month’s rent is payable through Openrent https://www.openrent.co.uk/. Openrent will pass your deposit directly to The Deposit Protection Service https://www.depositprotection.com . The Deposit Protection Service will contact you directly regarding this.

Landlord Contact Information

David and Julie Dean
18 Jubilee Drive
West Kirby
CH48 5EF

Email:  tenantsupport@jubileeestates.uk

Telephone: 0151 325 0101 from a landline or mobile phone or 306 from apartment telephone or door entry phone.

In the first instance tenants should use email to contact the landlord.

In an emergency tenants can call the landlords mobile 0777080889


Fire and Smoke Alarm System

Fire Alarm

There is a Fire Alarm in the building. This is activated by pressing one of the Fire Alarm Call points located at the entrance to every apartment. The Fire Alarm control unit is located at the front door. You can press the “Silent Alarm” button if the alarm is activated accidentally.

Smoke Alarm

The smoke alarms are separate to the fire alarm system. If smoke is detected at any of the smoke detectors all the smoke alarms will sound.

All the Smoke Alarms have a combined Test/Silence button (Centre of the smoke Alarm) to help you control nuisance/false alarms.To silence a nuisance/false alarm, press the button. The Alarm will automatically switch to a reduced sensitivity condition for a 10 minute period (very large levels of smoke from a nearby fire will override the silence period).The unit will flash the red light every 10 seconds (instead of the normal 40 seconds) to indicate the sensitivity is reduced.Pressing the button on the smoke alarm sensing smoke (i.e. the one with the red light flashing every second) will silence all Alarms. Pressing the button on any other Alarm will not silence thealarm.The unit will reset to normal sensitivity at the end of the silenced period.

Please remember that Smoke and Fire alarms are there for your protection. On hearing the alarm you should evacuate the building and only return once you have ascertained it is safe to do so.